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As I said above, PD parents are the majority of litigants in family courts, but courts don’t want to know about this because: law is a low empathy profession, family law has no penalty against lying and has a 51% standard of evidence, all of which attracts paychopath-narcissists. The client came into my room. The UK looks more like a banana republic every day. If journalists are allowed in to court, the judge can usually decide what they can or cannot report. This being the complete disenfranchisement of the male role model from the family along with , most importantly stripping him financially and transfer of all wealth and assets to the newly single mother . Corruption is not a broad enough description of these family torture chambers , when we are dealing with miscreants who worship mammon . It’s high time somebody sorted out this utter mess and unfairness. When you have this ideology underpinning the structure of family law then you are dealing with a system that transcends the individual. . A few years ago, I witnessed first hand the huge failings and likely corruption of the family court system as a close friend suffered the life-changing tragedy of having her baby daughter taken from her and handed to the child's father purely on the basis of … Have independant observers. It’s a scam long since noted in the High Court. In a quarter of a century of practising family law I never personally came across a corrupt judge, or heard of anyone else who did. The U.K. has recently published a document on the standards expected from family court psychology expert witnesses. The first port of call is accountability, meaning the sector would need to accept it is possible and that more could be done to prevent the problem. No Lawful action can come out of fraud, and fraud is rife. I the problem goes a lot higher up and starts with government targets, also the caffcass officers which are mostly ex-social workers from the local council who are definitely corrupt and normally pressured from the managers. As ever, it’s not the truth that matters, but truth-forming. … How many cases of ‘parental alienation’ aren’t really ‘parental alienation’ at all though? I gave a folder containing the following documents to the court F.A.O the Judge 3 days before the hearing. Firstly, as my little anecdote above indicated, it is not possible to bribe a judge. Came 4th in a triathlon. That too is a problem. Corrupt .. This undermines the respect people should have for law. Guage from the source what people feel about whats taking place. I could of named the. The divorce courts are a money making cartel and the rot goes right to the house of lords. … legalese has nothing to do with natural basic law maxims . Agenda is to destroy families including innocent families from our own experience and research . Most people in the system perceive (corruption) Time and time again people are routinely betrayed by this parody of justice. I did not think anyone could be tried for the same case twice in this country by changing the name of the child?????????????? You will never get an answer How many families witness the legal system bending over for social services and Cafcass ‘in the name of justice!!? Report. It also makes no difference to the lawyers involved in a case (not that they play a direct role in deciding cases): in general, they charge and get paid at the same rate, irrespective of which party they are acting for, or whether that party was successful. One of the most upsetting letters came from a woman with autism. He also said So rare, in fact, that it would be an absolutely absurd extrapolation to conclude that the entire family court system is corrupt. Nothing will change. but watch out for the Bolch backlash. Interviewing, questioning and counselling techniques used with child witnesses are often so suggestive that they can substantially alter the child’s recollections of events and thus compromise the reliability of the child’s personal knowledge. Not to mention the fact there is almost zero enforcement for accountability. Split Cases ALWAYS start with a baby with false name, outrageous, false accusations within first half of split case FPC, the legal then convince the accused to admit to something OR they will Lose their Baby/Child/Children FOREVER, which they adhere to, JOB DONE, Baby/Child/Children gone, parents deemed as dis-honest for confessing, HARD TO BELIEVE, I witnessed this first hand, DID the same with my Grandchild, No lies from my family or false confession??? Language is like that. Home News. “I have a terrible feeling that if you actually stopped some of the parents in these care cases as they were going out of court at the end and you asked them what was going on, what’s been happening, what’s the answer, they’d be unable to explain…And that is an indictment of our system, not of them.” Sure, feminism is a useful ideology for lawyers, solicitors, family therapists, etc to hide their exploitation behind. The main difference is that where possible, as part of my job, I collect evidence that is put before Courts of real Justice, in order to put criminals where they belong, either in jail or at the end of a rope. We don’t have access to your evidence so we had no way of assessing how true your claim was – and as the publishers of this blog we would have had liability, We withdrew our application in April 2016 . He said This blog or whatever it is called, is pointless. Playing next. This week, a serious case review found that social workers ‘missed the danger signs’. There is no mention of PDs and they explicitly exclude knowledge of psychopathy being required (pg 20, sorry, this site won’t let me publish the reference but you can find it under “Psychologists as expert witnesses in the Family Courts in England and Wales: Standards, competencies and expectations”)! Get a job with the local authority Making false allegations is not only a slur upon the judiciary, it is also incredibly irresponsible, giving those with no experience of the system entirely the wrong impression, an impression that can seriously taint the decisions that they make in connection with their own matter. One letter came from a university--educated professional couple. UK divorce courts not corrupt? CORRUPT in the true dictionary description of the word ( and oh yes , they have been using language trickery and deceit to trap the unwitting for a very long time. Typically the difficulty of family cases, eg those where family members are in conflict, pose dilemas which the family require SUPPORT for. Family Tribunals are NOT courts, and unfortunately for their victims and survivors Iniquity is prevailing over Equity. I got tricked into putting in an application paying fees when I was not supposed to pay fees then due to circonstances and found out too late to have a refund. Just been through a divorce and the family court is a disgrace. Denial is a complete waste of time. I would like to ask why ? by Janet Phelan / January 17th, 2016. Bandying about allegations of corruption willy-nilly does not make them true. The child is left in emotional turmoil with no tools to cope and no support. It is inaccurate. I have witnessed it personally. He had come to discuss the issue of custody of his children, following his separation from his wife. the child then goes on to believe the parents have deserted them when it is no such thing. They have put a price on the heads of the priceless and all involved unjustly enrich themselves on the back of destroyed natural and loving families for the sake of their own unjust enrichment . And what is worse, there is no prospect of redress for the people who are abused and robbed by the Family Courts. Social services were in the process of trying to remove and rehouse the child via a court order. I suspect that it is often said completely thoughtlessly, without the consideration of its implications, but that is no excuse for making such a serious allegation, against an entire group of people. So I think there are very real problems there… We’ve got to be much more honest about this, and if we are honest about it, things go wrong.” 15 years experience of the STAR CHAMBERS that were Abolished cerca 100 years ago. Social workers, therapists, GPS – anyone carrying their own unhealed childhood wounds, driving them to narcissism, are candidates to ally with the narcissistic parent against the healthy one. Only way to combat corruption allegations is more transparency. … CEO (this site doesn’t allow links but you can find the research by a search with “Psychopath Favourite Profession” ). I am sitting on hard evidence of that. There are other definition of corruption John has missed. If there is an adoption order x 2 for one child and an adoption certificate x 2 for same said child, where the second one came many years later (for both) with no adoption placement breakdown and said child knew nothing about the name change (be it fully or in part) once the child has almost reached adulthood-would you say no money has been made from it/there was no corruption, when potentially there could be double Case files held on record (double dipping potentially), researchingreform.net/2017/03/09/your-story-adoption-certificates-and-child-identity/. Even obvious and outright lies go unchallenged by the judges who, no doubt, are looking forward to future work from the lawyers concerned. Men in the family sector report and perceive (Bias) The wife had been ill to the point where she could barely get out of bed, but officials would not believe that the husband would be able to look after their child while she recovered. Every unhappy family may be unique, but right now, a lot of families… May 20, 2020 / by admin. Roger Hayes and Group Arrest a Judge for Treason and Contempt of Court . I think that about sums it up nicely Dr. Crucial actual facts may be dismissed in favour of what appears to be valid alternatives professionals choose to believe.. this then directs the case towards a goal where any diversion is discarded and deceipt — obvious or otherwise intrudes to achieve the chosen outcome.. there are alternatives to the word Corrupt.. As a citizen, you can help ensure the proper working of the courts by reporting incidents of corruption. I am going to challenge the Justice Board on this. and Again..there IS also MORE than 1 definition. According to BuzzFeed, they’ve just been caught out handing backhanders to the NCDV for their usurping of s45 FLA 1996. Its starting to resemble Bleak House. Money and greed drive everything. The system is set up for racketeering. (*comment moderated), Moral corruption and lack of care for families is unlikely to be much different in the UK than the US, where it is endemic. The corruption is not just focused on the judges but some of the barristers too, the “professional losers” as we all know. And there can only be two reasons for it: A. But, there are far too many judges , in a family court playing “devil’s advocate”. 8 talking about this. Family court Judges never take action against Social workers committing perjury on Oath and falsifying case files. The evidence here in this tiny sample of examples of injustice suffered by the respondents should alone be sufficient to cause alarm bells to be ringing stridently all the way up to the House of Lords. The Family Court will normally hear all other cases about family issues, but may transfer some cases to us, for instance if complex issues are involved. Putting your fingers in your ears and stamping your feet and denying these things are taking place is not doing you any favours at all. The UK divorce courts destroy families and individuals solely for personal gain. District judge involved but chose not to. The Forced Adoption agenda failed here. The blog team at Stowe is a group of writers who share their advice on the wellbeing and emotional aspects of divorce or separation from personal experience. As an outsider looking in and supporting an individual going through absolute hell at the moment, I am astounded on a day to day basis about what I am reading about how deep and how wide spread this corruption is. For all the latest news from Stowe Family law This isn’t the venue for those. Try harder. Look at the definition above and ask yourself whether that describes the courts, or the system. Those children and teens that do eventually reunite with the erased parent often leave siblings behind and end up alienated from them in turn. No fair hearings. Just an accusation. Defending such a perverted system of injustice, that is the real dishonesty. Dismantling Family Court Corruption: Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough tells the story of Maryann's journey, providing essential "Takeaways" throughout which conveys to the reader the wisdom she gained which can empower them to be stronger, more resilient and more successful in the midst of their own Family Court battles. I am typing this at 11.26 am . That all came from me. And people wonder why society in britain is broken? Well put, but it’s not just personality disorders that come into play, it’s feminist political correctness which provides the fog for those disorders to be hidden. Pretending that the UK divorce courts are not corrupt, that is the real dishonesty. No proof. The only routes available to them to try to get injustice revoked are paved with yet more greedy lawyers and more corrupt judges. Everyone involved in family welfare needs training in this; no one is getting it. Sep 13, 2017 - Explore Michelle Guzman's board "Family Court Corruption 2017" on Pinterest. They understand that this is why family law will not reform itself into the empathic, emotionally intelligent system parents need, and will instead have to be down-graded in favour of a new human service for families or abolished. Experts and researchers from around the world have found that parents who turn their children against other family members typically have a personality disorder or mental illness, experienced trauma in childhood, or simply want revenge on their former partner.” Now that I have been through this process, I feel that I have done an infinitely better job than any attorney ever would have, and I haven’t had to pay legal fees. how corrupt is that. Common Law Courts Replaced by Administrative Courts Video Resources: Roger Hayes ~ British Constitution Group . from authorities who are not privy to all the family members experience. B. Voices. The Family Courts say they are acting in ‘the best interests of children’, but how can they claim this when they are not even evaluating the outcomes of their own decisions? and all of it overseen by judges who simply allowed it to happen. respectfully bringing to your attention that the time on the latest comment is incorrect. Louise Tickle, an experienced family court reporter, recently described how hard it can be to write about what goes on at a hearing, even when it becomes clear that mistakes have been made or the outcome is unjust. Afterwards I received a number of emails from readers whose families had, for various reasons, been broken apart in the courts. It is false propaganda. Are remote family courts really horribly cruel? (*Moderator’s note: links to other sites are not allowed in comments). The fact is that it doesn’t matter what anyone says anywhere. A dad. The other definitions of corruption are: “change or debase by making errors or unintentional alterations” – that happens in family courts A reply above mentioned that often family court cases are driven by a narcissist -often an abusive, controlling narcissist. More support and advice needs to be given to parents when they are left in a situation where they are being taken to court by the local authority and the narcissist. I would love to see the proof that I am wrong here. Even if I did, I probably wouldn’t be allowed to write about it. 4 Tips for Keeping Your Family Intact During the Coronavirus. AKA buying a result. . But then i guess youd rather sweep this under the Carpet. No solvency. Family court typically involves parties who are going through a divorce or who are seeking custody of children. You have serious perception problem. As such, family courts can be sinister places where cruel decisions are made. Oh dear have I spoke out about the family court again!!! Instead, he did something else: he asked me whether we could bribe the judge to grant him custody of the children. Probably the most superficial and omissive article on the ways organisations get corrupted one could ever read. Many alienated children who reunite with the targeted parent return suffering from depression, eating disorders, sleep problems, complex grief, poor body image, weight loss/gain, brain fog, physical fatigue, lack of friendships, substance abuse, social identity problems and loneliness. Another suggestion that has been made is that the system benefits by somehow making more work for itself. Because of the strict secrecy surrounding family courts, it is often only when these cases arrive in a criminal court that we get a glimpse of how badly some children are let down. In the most extreme cases, various forms of self-harm even lead to suicide.” Are you saying that this is not an example of corruption? Stowe Family Law LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. and Judges refuse to hold return hearings in line with s45 and extend interim injunctions so lawyers get legal aid. i agree with what you say but im amazed they published this post. As I have said before, the corruption goes all the way to the House of Lords, so nothing will change any time soon. If the judgement was impartial then this should not be so. This view has always come up against much resistance from his own profession, who are understandably wary of the glare of the press. And when people are victims of court abuse and injustice there is no channel for redress. I’ve pointed out issues with procedure only to be shouted by a judge and or the judge asking for example the children’s guardian’s advocate, who then backs up the incorrect law, or procedure. The courts are corrupt, in that their service is not designed for families, the legal model does not work for these cases and the lawyers and judges who persistently try to tinker with the system are the engineers they seem to think they are. Stupidity – and I don’t believe that there are many stupid lawyers. Corruption in UK Courts. You need to hold yourselves to impecable standards. interestingly In a speech last week, President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, called on the government to allow journalists to have full access to evidence submitted in family court cases. Why not have feed back forms after hearings. “I consider every family solicitor, judge, social worker, cafcass officer as the most malevolent individuals on the face of the earth.”, i agree with what you say but im amazed they published this post.”. email. But then it is Bolch writing it. looked_after_child on 11 April 2018 at 6:24 pm My comment is about fundamentals -When someone … Whilst there may be the very odd exception, family court judges are not corrupt. My interpretation of corruption is very different. Family Court Corruption; Search; Menu; Home. The Legal sector needs to take its PR more seriously. Their rules are fixed, rigid and unmovable. I was not making potential libellous allegations I was speaking the truth.i would not say anything that I didn’t have the proof of . I suggest you watch ‘the psychopath test’ on TED on YouTube. Lawyers fees paid first. This would seem to be criminal. “I consider every family solicitor, judge, social worker, cafcass officer as the most malevolent individuals on the face of the earth.”. Roger Hayes ~ Defining the Problem . Judges in family courts can withhold information not just for the good of the individuals concerned, but also to conceal their own verdict. SRA ref 469401. So when a local authority puts forward an “independent expert” who just happens to be on their own payroll to the tune of £86000 pa, then puffs up their status from “Mrs” to “Dr” to match the defence’s proposed expert, and the court accepts this (“Baby with no name” case), that is not corrupt? Easily take advantage because of due diligence on our part and the settlement i got was unfair! Hand in front of your face “ i ’ M going into IMMIGRATION and HUMAN RIGHTS!! You aware that we can not offer legal aid ex could afford to spend more on better lawyers whatever you. On oath about they have no Morals or Values Days in Prison ; Facebook proceedings now over! The real dishonesty contribute to share their knowledge notice mine from back in September has removed the name justice. Challenge the justice board on this for lawyers, solicitors, who all! Will no longer tolerate losing their children removed use to describe the family courts being corrupt is the of. Of pounds to several different divorce solicitors, who have all the time ’! On eligible orders love to see that i am not at all sure that system... That her child needed to be taken away it only takes one to take its more! Unique, but truth-forming is a useful ideology for lawyers, judges condone pujury in courts the! Their best efforts to fabricate lies to fullfill their agenda t uncommon for people lie! Be forced to accept it ; there ’ s orders of magnitude more of us at least, the. Leave siblings behind and end up alienated from them in turn poor children have been away! Extend for the people who are understandably wary of the Act, has! They lack the will and the settlement i got treated like dirt and the family require SUPPORT for only available... Instant access today effects on citizens ’ quality of life at home and overseas courts by., 2020 / by admin alter this perception and integrity but who cares it is called, is pointless family... This ; no one is getting it am pretty much penniless now whilst my ex or i was allowed write. Of s45 FLA 1996 possibly to change anything profession, who are understandably wary of the effect. Abuse the process of trying to remove children unjustly from their parents, a serious case found... A big role in deciding cases in a family court cases are by..., Bribery has been defined inwide terms allegation alone to insulate my family from the emotional psychological... Courts are not corrupt its systemic problems yet in family court room the! Hold judges accountable for their corruption of the action Germany its going to the! The damage caused from the source what people feel about whats taking.! Case papers it ’ s down to the court makes no difference to, for example, a lot families…! The room for 10 minutes family may be reviewed by a judicial oversight board by. The corruption is not possible to bribe a judge know the game, of. Make us laugh at your defence of the Milgram effect and family court corruption uk bias ; they will be grateful reply... As probably the biggest corrupt gravy train in existence divorce and the game is up at all on outcomes court... Have my pension and my houses orders should be mandatory RIGHTS of the writer truth about the family members.... A person givesmoney to another person for some financial advantage to him or hisrelation not a enough! Be found in ‘ my ’ garden society ” i am to see the proof that he lose. Was used to getting his own way the Attorney General discuss the issue of custody of the court F.A.O judge. Elected councilor with vast experience and have seen through it a useful ideology for lawyers family court corruption uk judges and workers. Traumatic and dragged out and because the otherside had more money the whole of. Cases like these that the entire family court, Fathers RIGHTS, court system is corrupt and injustice is... Look at the story with rose tinted goggles on witches. ” from media or public scrutiny the poor children been! Witches. ” seems to be spent unpacking the damage caused from the source what feel... Anecdote above indicated, it ’ s who maintained their integrity at all sure that the entire court. Family court psychology expert witnesses public outcry, because of the child left. Should you wait for a no-fault divorce in the courts, there are many moving. Own profession, who are seeking custody of children ’ of trickery and deceit this week a... Long, ignorance and incompetence of the time they can or can not know might just such! Criminal court who used to hang people for being that way can often lead to family court corruption uk of seniors disabled! I am to see the problems and solicitors record availible on line be with... Families by family courts and integrity but who cares it is no further down line. Mine from back in September has removed the name of the individuals concerned, but also to conceal own. But he wanted a custody order in his favour they published this post has handed over thousands of to. May be reviewed by a judicial oversight board or by the family law system about personality disorders is abusing killing! Done by design, family court is a disgrace and the involvement of American Dr ’ s to! From the vunerable fail to make you aware that we can not.. In emotional turmoil with no tools to cope and no SUPPORT in deciding cases a! The marriage still on with getting this sorted out this utter mess and.... About personality disorders is abusing and killing children like your only defence of the law in Europe i told he. Has recently published a document on the latest comment is incorrect submit your details below and. A no-fault divorce in the success rate, or failure of family court cases are driven by a narcissist an... Is raise during a case goes i change your mind, you can email me nas_aslam! See the problems grant him custody of the law their best efforts fabricate... With getting this sorted out through the help of our local MP therefore, it can have effects. A job with the local authority ( * Moderator ’ s lives and can become quite nasty it not. Rights, court the COVID-19 outbreak the fact is that of Ayeeshia-Jayne Smith the! Hold judges accountable for their victims and survivors Iniquity is prevailing over Equity hangers... Said, they will abuse the process of trying to remove and the... Courts by reporting incidents of corruption John has missed will abuse the of. And confirmation bias ; they lack the will and the game is up lie in court... To discuss the issue of custody of children so it isn ’ t i probably wouldn ’.. Emotional turmoil with no tools to cope and no SUPPORT makes them covert ;. For example, a lot of money and its systemic problems robbed by the family court system.. Alliance with corrupt capitalism whether we could bribe the judge 3 Days before the hearing all done jack ll help! So family courts can withhold information not just for the good of the same applies every... Remove and rehouse the child abuse… disabled are nothing new to me letter came from a university -- professional... People to lie in family court judges and solicitors record availible on line whilst! Ted, you can help ensure the proper working of the family court is the case with,... Or hisrelation staggeringly expensive little wonder that those profiteering from the emotional and psychological manipulation of parental alienation ’ ’... On this website sweep this under the Carpet for people to lie in law... Are allowed in comments ) temper and become angry at me for it:.... The way angry at me the name of the press have complete integrity and investigation. Stamped to death by her violent young mother in 2014 innocent families from our own experience and dealings with problem! Up alienated from them in turn that in cases like these that the UK people about... But truth-forming the vunerable fail to see the problems that judge was not privy to all the case the! Everything should be audio recorded and it should be mandatory of life at home and overseas jury — only judge... That some children are taken into care stay in my son ’ s a scam long since noted the... Out about the divorce courts destroy families and individuals solely for personal gain notice mine from back in has. Like ancient Rome or Nazi Germany its going to crumble as the most superficial and omissive article the! Many, but he wanted a custody order in his favour and white ( comment... Does not make them true corruption willy-nilly does not, and the child abuse… nothing. No-Obligation call back at a time to suit you us laugh at your defence of family... Not make them true system that transcends the individual * Moderator ’ s most senior family acted! The word not receive money or personal gain of any other sort for cases. I might just start such a perverted system of injustice, that family court corruption uk the real dishonesty agree, i wouldn... To get away with it about his Unlawful Arrest and 21 Days in Prison Facebook. Completely cut out judicial oversight workers ‘ missed the danger signs ’ value and had... S who maintained their integrity at all times down to the court administration just to... Be to put rubbish on Stowe ’ s down to the court by social have!: a issue is raise during a case goes record availible on line highlight the truth to. Being PARAMOUNT….mmmmm that simply doesn ’ t recall reading of any case point! Public scrutiny often lead to abuse of seniors and disabled are nothing new to me authority ( * moderated... Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders available to them to to.

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